The Applied Linguistics Association of Korea (ALAK) is the national organization for applied linguistics in Korea. ALAK aims to provide leadership in applied linguistics and supports the development of teaching, learning and research in the field.

ALAK includes national and international members and is affiliated with the International Association of Applied Linguistics (Association Internationale de Linguistique Appliquée, AILA). Members use a variety of theoretical frameworks and methodological approaches to address a wide range of language-related issues that affect individuals and society.

The mission of ALAK is to facilitate the advancement and dissemination of knowledge regarding these language-related issues in order to improve the lives of individuals and conditions in society.

To accomplish this mission, ALAK

  • offers great opportunities for scholarly communication and networking by hosting meetings and sponsoring publications;
  • raises public awareness of language-related issues by encouraging the dissemination of theoretical and research-informed insights to society; and
  • promotes the status of applied linguistics in the academy and in society by providing richer resources for educational and professional development.

ALAK’s activities include:

  • support for public development of policy in relation to language issues
  • promotion of research and teaching in applied linguistics
  • hosting an annual conference
  • producing the Korean Journal of Applied Linguistics
  • providing scholarships for student research in applied linguistics

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